Some Storage and Organization Ideas for the Bedroom

These days, we’re increasingly advocating doing more with less space, and constantly encouraging you to neaten and simplify. If you have a small bedroom, you may need to remodel your storage space so that you can not only accommodate more things, but also more comfortably.

Here are five great ways to get more storage space in your bedroom without feeling overwhelmed.

1,Maximize space under the bed

Buy a new storage bed. Have a storage solution under the bed. Raise your current bed and add storage boxes, which preferably in black or gray, so you don’t have to add bed skirts to hide storage boxes.

2,Organize your closet like a professional

We couldn’t take full advantage of the folding and drawer divider .Taking the time to properly store your clothes may give you more storage space immediately. But consider other more extreme storage options, such as vacuum-packed off-season clothing, winter down jackets, and quilts that don’t take up too much space.

3,Find spare space in your closet

There is how much space in your closet? Are you squeezing every inch of space you can store? You may be hesitant to add more hangers to your closet.

4,Use dual-purpose furniture in your bedroom

A small storage cabinet instead of a desk, a floating drawer instead of a shelf — or even your nightstand, if you have it, you can have an extra storage space .Sure, a small bedroom space may mean less space for a nightstand and other furniture, but if you can, try putting some storage in one place.

5,Design a wall closet in your bedroom

Not an inexpensive method, but a reasonable use of the maximum space .If you have a very small bedroom, install a whole wall of light-colored wardrobes to add storage and you can also feeling good.