Hair Styles

Cool Flipped Side Bangs with Undercut for boys

First of all, to solve a problem, what is the undercut? Simply put, is the hair on both sides is short, hair in the middle is long.

It feels like any face shape is fit this kind of haircut .If must to say a very suitable face shape, are the round face and square face, because the hair have the effect of the modification, for a round face and a square face, in the temple and the position of the ears after the above have the feeling of stretching, make the two face look more agile have outline, especially a round face, gradually layer plays the role of the change is very big.

Undercut can also base on the change of the length of the hair, bangs, and according to your own style to match.

French bang this hairstyle has appeared on a lot of men’s clothing show, the hair feels as if the image of a bookworm, fit in with the facial features stereo stylish men, it looks young, lively and handsome appearance, also with a childlike sense of lovely, also very accord with current hipster image, both sides gradually layer can increase some bad boy feeling.

These days retro styles are popular, hairstyle is no exception, just like retro gentleman oily head, this is a classic haircut .The most important point should be the obvious lateral line, then match the undercut, the beard, you will looks like an intellectual

For the office worker, make modelling for the hair everyday really is a few high-key, actually, according to your short hair, then shovel both sides also has fashionable feeling. Even for guys with naturally curly or stiff hair. Before going out, it is pretty good to use a bit hairspray, and grasp a model at will, such can look more fashionable.

For the men pursuit of high fashion stylish, want every day can be high-profile, the punk undercut you can’t ignore, as long as reach 15 cm long hair and tie-in undercut, whole hair grabbed back extension, you will look younger.