Thanks giving Dinner Ideas

Thanks giving Day is a very important day and the day also has a lot of special foods.

Roast Turkey.

The Turkey is cured with various spices before roasting. The whole bird is roasted, with dark brown skin and a lot of mixed food, such as broken bread, stuffed into its belly. The Turkey is golden brown and the chicken is tender. Cut into thin slices with a knife, pour gravy, sprinkle salt to eat, delicious taste.

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes give the potato a new flavor, not only tastes smooth, suitable for children’s preferences and tastes. And the price is low, the ways are very rich, the production is simple. Mashed potatoes come in many forms, such as mashed potatoes with European flavor, mashed potatoes with chicken sauce, mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes with egg and milk, mashed potatoes with carrot and meat, mashed potatoes with banana and mashed potatoes with apple.

Corn bread

Corn bread is made from bread flour and other food, the production of ordinary difficulty. The corn flour produced by dry grinding method is the main raw material with large volume, good bulk, good elasticity and softness.

Apple pie

Apple pie flavors include caramel apple pie, French apple pie, breaded apple pie, sour cream apple pie, etc. Apple pie is simple and convenient to make, and the required raw materials are cheap. It is a common dessert in American life, and it can be regarded as a representative of American food. Apple pie also belongs to a staple food, many teenagers like to eat, it is simple and convenient, and nutritious.

Pumpkin pie

How to make pumpkin pie? First, wash the pumpkin, remove the skin and flesh, and cut into thin slices. Heat the pumpkin in the microwave oven on high for about 10 minutes. Add glutinous rice flour (the amount of glutinous rice flour in the dough should not stick to the hand, do not add water) and knead into a ball. Take the egg-sized dough, roll it round and then press it flat. Coat both sides of the pumpkin cake with white sesame seeds. Heat the pan with a little oil. Add the pumpkin pie and fry over medium-low heat until golden brown on both sides.

Do you like these foods? Thank for your reading.