Exterior Designs

Modern And Stylish Exterior Design Ideas

1. Interior walls, floors, ceilings, furniture furnishings and even lamps and lanterns are characterized by simple modeling, pure texture and fine craftsmanship. Furniture features: furniture highlights functional design, simple and smooth design lines, furniture color contrast is strong. Deserve to act the role of a characteristic: a few lines are simple, the design is distinctive it is very rich originality even and the household that 80 hind like is acted the role of article can become a member in contemporary and contracted style home outfit.

2. Modern simple style pays much attention to the texture of materials and the transparent philosophy of interior space. General interior wall ground, ceiling, furniture display, even lamps and lanterns vessels are simple shape, pure texture, fine technology for its characteristics. Sometimes the simple thing can send out glamour, contemporary extremely brief wind also is quite conspicuous in style of domestic outfit, simple pattern contains the feeling of a kind of big design, or only beautiful, or abstract, always can let a person feel the glamour.

3, modern simple style is mainly based on the rule of the geometric shape as the decoration elements, lines are mostly linear, the color of black, white, gray and other colors as the basic tone color, can be appropriate to do the ornament with jumping color, materials as far as possible is the use of glass, metal, but the color, material texture requirements are very high. Accordingly, contracted space is designed normally very implicative, but useful.

The home installs contemporary and contracted style at present, utilization rate is higher still, this is also to suit contemporary and contracted style with contemporary and fast rhythm society. Above we see the characteristic that the home installs contemporary and contracted style and the concept of contemporary and contracted style, through studying these, everybody will have their own choice and design of the contemporary and contracted style of the bedroom, are you?