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Hot Fashion Style  Selena Gomez On Voque Magazine

Have many lineages Selena. Gomez has a beautiful face, and good at singing,. Her fans volume ranked first in the Instagram,  Selena’s fashion wear is also a great factor in attracting global women, fans also follow her wear, what she wear and outfit can even drive the promotion of fashion .Let’s take a look at Selena’s 5 most stylish outfits.

The modelling seems children.

The dinosaur sweater and cropped jeans highlight Selena’s lovely personality, pink sunglasses are a fashion accessory, and nude pink heels make the look less childlike.

Casual red and black match

Take inside complete red sportswear, tie-in black long paragraph coat, black red hits lubricious always is very fashionable look, a pair of small white shoes add relaxed and recreational feeling for integral modelling.

Handsome red and black

Selena is really suit for red and black. Instead of a casual look, this red and black outfit has turned into a handsome and cool one. The reason is that the straight red leather pants are matched with a slim black long coat, and the pointed ankle boots make it more powerful.

Urban fashion

Selena wore a black knit top with a sense of design, which showed off her shoulders and slightly bubbled sleeves. Dark jeans with slim and stiff body were the most suitable for this season. A pair of loafers added an urban atmosphere.

Fashion week hipster style

Dyed blonde Selena looked edgy with red lips, so she looked exactly like a fashion week chic in an equally edgy wide-band dress, paired with a tight white sweater and pointy heels.

These are the five fashion picks for Selena Gomez. You can learn something from them if you like.