Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

The household design of contemporary style, although contracted, not simple, still can let a space be full of fashionable. Busy life lets people like simple things more and more, so this contracted design style get more and more fond of the person .But how to achieve contracted but not simple? I will share a few of the bedroom case contemporary and contracted styles with everybody, hope can bring friends more inspirations.

Choose the wallpaper of cream-colored, the lamplight of warm yellow, with woodiness furniture and floor, the space does not have bright color, however do not show drab and dry completely, having light warmth instead. The setting wall of the head of the bed make it one big characteristic, choose plasterboard to surround an edge, choose the same color of the wallpaper to be department to contain the design of fine pattern, and tie-in mural, those who show a space is contracted with easy. Original layer is not very tall, so we did not choose the droplight, won’t have layer height to drop so, appear depressive, depressed feeling.

The head of a woodiness bed setting wall is very sweet, and the vitreous capable person that can glance in woodiness setting wall pledges the bedroom that gives more natural breath to join fashionable feeling. The diamond-shaped wardrobe in the corner of the bedroom is very distinctive.

The bedroom of pure white, join rich, bright color murals, flowers, match the delicate droplights and wallpaper, whole bedroom can only use “beautiful” to describe. The small droplight of left and right sides of the head of the bed, can auxiliary illuminant, also can serve as adornment to exist at the same time, the chimney of wood color is put in the space that this woodiness gives priority appropriate .In such comfortable space, join bedding face carpet, make the space much fashionable feeling.

Have a good bedroom, can let us get better relaxation and rest, are you satisfied with the bedroom of your home now?