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How To Pick The Exterior Paint Colors Match Best With The Roof

Roof, known as the “fifth facade” of the building, is the bearing and protecting component on the top of the building. It has a great influence on the shape and facade image of the building. The form of roof will directly affect the overall image of the building .So the color of the roof is very important, a good color scheme can not only make the house look beautiful, but also many other functions. Now I will introduce some different colors for the roof and their differences.

Warm colors include yellow, orange and red, while cool colors include purple, blue, cyan and green. According to the research shows, the room with same temperature, choose color to differ, the change in temperature of the person feels different too .In hot weather, people tend to choose cool colors like blue, green and gray. In the northern winter, when the sun’s rays fade, using yellow tones maximizes a lively effect, combining with red and orange to make the room appear warmer.

Physically, red has the longest wavelength. Aircraft in the air can be clearly identified to avoid causing unnecessary accidents .This is one. Second: from the Angle of art, red is warm color, blue is cool color. The red roof gives a warm feeling, especially in the northern cities You can choose a suitable color to decorate your roof according to the geographical location, climatic conditions, cultural customs, economic development and other conditions of your region.

What we introduce above is the specific action of color of a few housetops, specific how to match the color need you to choose according to the different condition, thanks for your reading.