Fascinating Japanese Bedroom Design

Traditional Japanese style is quietly elegant and concise, it uses clear line commonly, those make a bedroom bring with grace, cleanness, have stronger geometrical stereo feeling. In particular, it can be integrated with nature and bring infinite vitality to the interior by borrowing the external natural scenery. So, next I will told you what is Japanese style and how to decorate Japanese style bedroom.

Traditional Japanese household applies the material of nature in the decoration of the bedroom in great quantities, they do not like highly luxurious adornment, or brilliant, but quietly elegant abstaining, abstruse zen idea, take actual function seriously. Japanese style can be an organic with nature especially, borrow outside natural scenery, bring infinite vitality for indoor, choose material is also pay special attention to natural simple sense, in order to communicate with nature cordially, to be happy and harmonious. The tatami mat in Japan is made of mat straw instead of straw. The tatami mat is connected by strips of cloth and then fixed on the floor.

1. Cushions and curtains

Besides the tatami on whole space, the real wood floor is ok actually. At this time the choice of tatami cushion is a good choice. The mat of the tatami is the mat face that instinctive quality, hard to avoid color is too oneness, but the cloth art of tatami wraps a side to have a lot of design and color to be able to choose. The curtain chooses the flax of quietly elegant, echo style of the whole Japanese.

2. Calligraphy, painting and vase

Calligraphy and painting, vase are Japanese characteristic commonest adornments, and the price is low .In general, the calligraphy and painting hanging rooms are dominated by vertical floors, and the banners are mainly hung in the rooms and used as banners.

3, tatami lifting table

Japanese decoration is fresh and natural, no complex furniture and exaggerated accessories. In addition to the tatami, a tatami lifting table is also very necessary, you can enjoy the tea, study under the light, or have a rest on it in your spare time

Above is Japanese style decoration proposals, hope can be helpful.