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Creative DIY Recycling Ideas you need to Try

A small thing, do the extreme can also achieve great life. Don’t look down on a small daily action, who knows what miracle will happen next? Here are some ideas to recycling.

Store small clothes and towels

The express boxes came in handy. After a few simple steps, they became a handy tool for storing clothes, towels, gadgets and other items.

You can buy some beautiful decorative wrapping paper, will like the pattern posted on the carton, both beautiful and practical.

Artistic plastic flower pot

If you are a person who likes to grow flowers and plants by yourself, if you are a person who can’t live without art, look, it’s time to give full play to your talent.

Turn a large plastic bucket that you don’t use into an art planter.

Dress these ordinary plastic buckets in beautiful clothes, draw your favorite patterns, and carefully plant your favorite flowers, so that they will become the beautiful scenery in your home.

Cotton swabs, cotton balls and other small items

Glass bottles are perfect for small items like candy.

But unmodified glass bottles don’t look so good, so give them a special design. Spray on the spray paint of unified color, the toy that still can use a child to make an ornament slightly on bottle cap, the simple sense of life promotes obviously.

Plastic bottle stool at a draught

Don’t throw away the bottles after you drinking. When you collect enough bottles, you can make a stool.

Tape the bottles together, then cover them with a layer of sponge or foam, and finally use the fabric from your old clothes to dress the stool in beautiful new clothes. From the outside, the stool is not much different from you buy. Most importantly, the stool is completely free!